Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm Late!

No, not that kind of late.

I mean, I'm late in my lessons!! I have one more week to go.  Problem is, I'm halfway done with my week 4 video lectures!  Yikes! Have a lot of catching up to do! Sigh...  Hopefully I'll be able to accomplish everything in the next few days.  Our exams will be on March 1.  That means, I have a week to finish all the lectures, study and rewrite some of my notes (would write during the video lecture and my penmanship is a mess!).

Wish me luck!


Last Saturday the family went to SM Mall of Asia to watch the first day of the Pyromusical.  It's an annual event that showcases fireworks display from different countries accompanied by music.  It's fun and the kids enjoy it. We try to go at least once every year since it began.  Once, we watched all the displays (it ran for 5 Saturdays) and it was fun even if it rained one time.  So yeah, we hope to make this a yearly thing until either the boys get fed up of it, or we're too old to go.  Har har!


My parents are coming from Zamboanga on Monday!  So excited to see them!  I really love spending time with them since we hardly ever see each other except through Skype.  I also want the boys to spend time with them so they always have that bond.  I was (paternal) and am (maternal) quite close with my grandparents so I want my boys to form that bond with their grandparents and have special memories with them.  So yeah, looking forward to make memories with them... :D


Ever since I started the business course, I have business on the brain.  I think:  What products will I sell potentially?  Who will my customers be?  How will  make sure that my customers buy from me?  How will I get the products to sell?  And all those... It's like I have so many ideas and questions that I either feel mentally tired sometimes or get so excited I can't sleep.  Weird.  But yeah, I have some ideas and hopefully, they will put me on the road to entrepreneurship...

Sunday, February 03, 2013

At Rizal Park

We brought my cousin (who is from Canada but works in South Korea) to Rizal Park last Monday.  She has never been there and we thought she'd have fun seeing the place and going for a stroll.  We did not want to do the mall thing anymore because it seems as though in Manila, the easiest place to bring friends and family for entertainment are malls.  Since Rizal Park was only a ride away, we thought that it was the perfect place.  And my cousin did have fun. So did the boys.  In the photo, we are standing in front of the monument of Dr. Jose Rizal, our national hero. 

Friday, February 01, 2013

Lessons Proceeding Nicely

It's the first week of my 5-week course and I find myself enjoying it.  My professor (as I like to call him) is jovial and sometimes makes me laugh with his ad libs during lectures.  The readings are a bit tedious but necessary and I understand they are important to make me understand the lessons even more.  It's only the first week and I've already learned so much from the lessons. I hope to be able to remember them for future use. I am already quite excited about putting up my own business. :)


We have decided to homeschool all the boys next school year.  I am not happy with Nikki's current progress, especially in English.  Sure, he's learning a lot from Filipino subjects and being with his classmates help a lot, but he's hardly doing arts now, or music, or even learning computer, which is supposed to be a part of their curriculum!  I just find it so lacking.  They don't even have clubs for the kids.  I think only the high schoolers are active in clubs.  It's just annoying that they do not give importance to extra-curricular activities.  Anyway, I know that the road we are headed is challenging but for my boys to grow up well-rounded and world-smart, then I know that we should - and can - do this.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Planning a Reunion

This year will be our 20th High School Reunion.  Scary, I know.  Flashes of movie scenes where terrible and embarrassing things happen during a reunion come to my mind.  Why do people even bother to have reunions in the first place?

But, casting all negativity aside, it's pretty exciting.  Thanks to Facebook and frequent visits home, I've kept in touch with most of my classmates and I must say, I am quite close with several.  I think that is a good record considering Ruther hardly ever talks to his High School classmates these days.

Oh yeah, I am organizing the reunion.  Since I was one of the class officers during our time (should I even say that?!) I thought I might as well start the ball rolling.  I am of course, involving everyone in this. I've started organizing committees and so far everything is going smoothly except the part where a handful of my friends (my good friends in fact) had a spat and are now not on speaking terms.  Yes, what a disaster! I mean, what's the use of having a reunion when people aren't even talking to each other!  I was kind of irritated at first when I found out about it, but then, I realized that I don't know the complete story.  So the most I could hope for is for my friends to look beyond the fight and focus on their friendship instead. So we'll see.  I'm hopeful.  But if I don't hear anyone trying to make up by mid-year, I'll stage an intervention!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Raising My Boys

I am currently reading the book Raising Kids Who Will Make a Difference by Susan Vogt and it's interesting - in a parenting point of view.  Granted, I don't agree with all her methods but I understand her intentions and I respect that.

For instance, assigning a particular color for each child to color-code their stuff.  It's very ambitious and I'm sure it worked for their household, but I don't think I have the time to color-code everything here since we're living with my in-laws and I wouldn't want to color-code their stuff along with ours! I did like her idea of going on dates with each child.  That I would want to do especially when my boys are older.  I hope they will look forward to those dates with me.

Another topic that I enjoyed reading was her propensity to bring eco-bags wherever she went.  Living in Las Pinas has taught me to bring an eco-bag whenever I'm out of the house lest I carry any stuff I buy in paper bags or god forbid, a cardboard box.  I want to encourage my boys to do the same but again, I always encourage them to decide for themselves on what they believe is best for them to do.  Hopefully, all our lessons on recycling and being environmentally conscious will guide them accordingly.

I'm halfway through the book and I hope to learn more.  I hope to finish at least one (informative) book every two months so I guess I'm on the right track. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Kare-kare First

A relative went to the market yesterday and mistakenly bought 2 kilos of tripe.  Yes, you read it right.  TWO KILOS.  I was like, what the heck are we going to do with this much tripe?!

So, I made some lugaw and after the guilty relative pressure cooked the tripe, I added some to the congee.  We had the lugaw for breakfast and then breakfast the following day.  But we still had a lot of tripe left.  Then it hit me. Why not make kare-kare?  I never made kare-kare though so I was a bit apprehensive.  I checked out some recipes and they didn't seem too bad since the longest part of making kare-kare was softening the meat and tripe.  So I told myself: "it's time to make kare-kare."

I decided to use kare-kare mix to lessen the chance of botching up the most important part of the dish.  Here's what I did:

1. Soften the meats (oxtail, tripe, etc).  My relative did this for me.  Using a pressure cooker saves a whole lot of time and gas.  Keep the broth.  You'll use it later.

2. Pre-cook the vegetables (sitaw, eggplant and pechay - in that order.  I forgot to buy banana blossom.) My mother-in-law makes kare-kare.  More often than not, the eggplant is still hard come serving time.  I didn't want that to happen to my kare-kare.   I saw in a website that pre-cooking the vegetables was advisable and I thought that was a good idea.  It's best to pre-cook the vegetables in the broth that was used to soften the meat to make them flavorful. I simply half-cooked the veggies which only took a few minutes.  Set aside.

3. In a saucepan, saute chopped garlic and then some sliced onions in some oil. Add the softened meats and stir-fry for a few minutes.  Dissolve 1 pack kare-kare mix in 1 cup broth and add to the pan.  I then added another cup of broth to make sure the sauce won't dry up after it thickens.  I added one beef cube and let the sauce simmer.

4.  After a few minutes, I added 2 tbsp peanut butter because I simply love the smell and peanut-ty taste of kare-kare.  I added the vegetables and let it simmer for a few minutes.

5. All done!  Serve with yummy bagoong and rice!

Easy, right?  I never thought that it would be that easy!  Again, the toughest part of preparing kare-kare is softening the meats.  After that, it's all good.  Now I wonder why I was so afraid to make kare-kare before!  

Friday, January 11, 2013

Starting to Panic


I am finally - and regretfully - at that time when I can no longer say, "to heck with the world, I've got all the time".  No, not this time and I know, turning 37 (gasp!) this year means I have to be more serious about my goals, about life, about how I want my future to be.

I suppose, like all stages in life, acceptance is the first step.  And yes, I accept that I AM getting older.  But what can I do about it?  I can't turn back the clock.  I can't ponder on every mistake I made in the past.  I can't dwell on regret.  I can't very well obsess about every little thing.  I need to focus, to be more positive, to be more organized (believe me, those brain cells are starting to fail me more often than not) and to simply enjoy life.

Now that I feel like the clock is ticking (a little too fast), let me check all the things I've already accomplished so far in my life:

1. Get married.  I know this isn't in everyone's bucket list but I always knew in my heart that I would be a wife.  Dunno how I knew, but I did.  Weird huh.

2. Have a family.  Another thing I knew too was that I was meant to be a mom. I have this nurturing spirit which I think would have been frustrating for me if I didn't have kids.  My boys keep me on my toes.  And I love being challenged as a parent, an educator and a mentor.  Some people tell me that it's just too bad I don't have a daughter but you know, in all honesty, I am quite content with my boys.  They complete me and that's all I need.  Besides, I have a niece I think having a baby girl is covered.  :)

3. Travel.  I've always wanted to travel.  I think my temperament is good for travelling since I have the open-mindedness and patience to understand local and foreign cultures.  I just think that travelling is an education all on its own.  And it's simply amazing.  This one, I have not accomplished fully yet, since I plan to travel years from now.

4. Get an education.  Yeah, did that... moving on...

That's it.  Pretty poor list, isn't it?  Especially since the career section is non-existent. But I'm not an ambitious person.  I mean, I have dreams but I'm not the be-a-world-changer kind of person.  As long as I do my part well in my little corner as a mother, wife, daughter and friend, then I know I did and am doing good.

I've already checked a lot of other things in my bucket list but I think I have to be more serious this year in accomplishing more of them.  Hopefully, I will be able to do them all before my inevitable time runs out.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

On My Way

Today I decided to take a course that will help me in my intention of having a business later on.  The title of the course is: Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses. This course is given by the University of Virginia.  I know it's not exactly a how-to-start-your-own-business course but I figured, any business advice would be a huge help for me.  Plus, the course is free so I can't (or shouldn't) complain, right?

The course starts January 28 and I'm pretty excited.  I'm planning to read the required and optional readings once Ruther prints them out for me.  Hopefully this week. I want to take the Introduction to Finance course as well but I'm a bit intimidated by needing to have some background in accounting, statistics and economics.  But we shall see. I need all the help I can get and some financial education will be awesome.

Yes, we shall see.  For the meantime... I'm excited. Very excited.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Resolutions vs. Goals

Why do people make resolutions at the beginning of the year anyway?  More likely than not, they don't live up to them at the end of the year.  So, why bother?

I gave up making resolutions when I was in college.  I just got frustrated when, by December, I could not even remember what resolutions I made at the beginning of the year!! So I'm letting go of it. BUT, that doesn't mean I'll simply live without something motivating me in a way.  After all, everyone needs something that will keep them on the right track, right?

So this year, instead of resolutions, I am setting some goals.  Achievable goals. Here they are (well some of them anyway):

1. Read more books.  I need to read more about parenting, homeschooling, ASD, finance and education.  I want to be able to learn a lot from the books I read so I guess I'll need to visit Booksale real soon.

2. Learn to drive - again.  I actually took driving lessons but that was years ago. When I was still in college! And I never got to drive in Manila because 1.) we didn't have a vehicle then that I could use; 2.) by the time we had a vehicle, I lost my confidence in driving, and 3.) the current vehicle we have is my in-laws' and I don't want to damage it with my beginner driving!  But realizing that I am getting old, I know now that I cannot wait for the perfect time because there won't be.  I have to learn and I have to learn this year.  Plus, getting my driver's license will be another thing I could cross out in my bucket list. :D

3. Watch less tv and more music.  Sometimes, when the room is too quiet, I turn on the tv just to fill-in the silence.  I don't want to do that this year.  I want to listen to more music and less nonsense shows.  We already have a lot of tv shows on our plate, I don't want to have to add meaningless shows to it.

4. Eat healthy, be healthy.  I get so scared when I think that I'm going to be a diabetic everytime I put a sweet into my mouth (I blame family history).  But I know that many factors contribute to diabetes so I tell myself now that I should exercise, eat healthy and always have regular check-ups.  Hopefully, being conscious about these things will help me lose some weight as well.

5. Start a business; any business.  Looking at our finances, it's worrisome seeing our debt (and at the beginning of the year!!).  So, I'm thinking of ways on how to increase our finances and that would most probably be through business.  My initial plan is to have a garage sale (we have a LOT of stuff here at home) and use the money from the sales, to come up with a small business that can be managed from the home.  I was thinking of having an e-load business (which is very popular in the Philippines) and that's manageable when I homeschool the boys next school year.  I also plan to sell ice for P3/ice bag.  Since my brother-in-law purchased a bigger ref, we now have a bigger freezer space so storing ice is not going to be a problem. Another thing I plan to do is advertise as an English tutor.  Who knows, someone may need my services, right?  Hopefully, with all the money I could earn, borrow or loan, we could have our own bike store, which I learned from a family business, is very lucrative.  So there you go.  Wish me lots of luck.

6. Continue blogging.  Considering the schedule I have for the year, this will be very challenging but hopefully, I will be able to find the time to drop a line or two still.

Other goals related to my boys and homeschooling are in my other blog. :D  Will get back to you at the end of the year regarding the accomplishment/failure of the above goals.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Happy New Year all!

I know it's been ages since I last posted.  Having 3 boys and no helper is tough! I can't rely on anyone else so I barely have time for myself now, much less blog.  But I will try.  Because this corner is my second home. And I enjoy sharing our life with you. This year, I am not promising anything.  Life may get out of hand once more, I may disappear for times again.  But I will surely return.  I hope you have not given up on me.

This year, I wish, from my family to yours, a wonderful New Year filled with happiness, love and good health.  Okay, maybe money, too. :D

Friday, September 21, 2012


Yes, it's that time of the year again.  It's that time when I once more wonder where the time went, why my babies are growing so fast and will I continue to be a part of their lives years from now.

It's a scary thing.

Well, Enzo is now 2.  And I'll say it again.  I can't believe it.  It's just so weird how time stops then fast forwards like it has the universal remote on your life.  "I just gave birth to Enzo." *whirr* *fast forward* "Enzo is now 2."  Really, I'm speechless.

Well, enough of my denial moment.

Yes, our little boy is TWO. I spent a good part of the day scrambling, I must say.  But everything went well.  This morning, Enzo and I went to SM Sucat to pick up his birthday cake.  But before we did, we passed by the toddler section and I got to pick some nice clothes for him to add to his birthday presents. My mom texted me yesterday and asked me to get him P400 worth of clothes and my mother-in-law gave Enzo P500 before we left for SM with instructions on getting something for him and I thought, clothes would be fine.  So anyway, I got him 2 shirts, a jumper, a cute pair of denim jeans and white shorts. Everything cost P840 so it was a really good buy. :D

After getting him the clothes, we passed by Astrovision and I got him Baby Genius DVDs as well.  He just loves the songs so I thought, why not add to his collection?  I'm sure the DVDs will come in handy when I need Enzo to stay put for several minutes.  Okay fine! I'm a bad Mommy and I use videos to babysit my baby but I don't do it all the time so you shush! :D

We headed to National Bookstore then to get the pirate mask for Nikki's birthday and Enzo's birthday balloons.  Then we got a couple of pizzas and palabok to share at home and then we got the cake.  Enzo was getting sleepy so we went home after that.

I didn't even have time to fix the stuff because I had to put Enzo to sleep immediately since he was already so sleepy. He fell asleep in no time and I went to sleep with him. I must have been tired!  When I woke up it was time to pick Nikki up in school.  After doing so, we readied the food, wrapped the presents and put up the E-N-Z-O sign.  I then put the small Pocoyo bath toys on Enzo's cake and it was so cute! We ordered the bath toys from the US and my brother-in-law brought it home when they came here a few weeks ago.  So happy with the way the cake turned out. :)

I took photos of the food and cake and everything else and then had a late lunch.  I shared the food with the people here at home and when Enzo woke up from his nap he was surprised with the Pocoyo toys on his cake. He ate some of the pizza and opened one of his presents. He loved the toy shopping cart we got him.

Come evening, Ruther arrived with a bucket of fried chicken and we had dinner and took photos and opened presents - not necessarily in that order. It took some time but the "party" ended after that. Even if it was just us, it was still fun and I'm sure Enzo will love looking a his 2nd birthday photos when he's older.

So yeah, have fun, enjoy and dance away, baby.  Just try not give me too many terrible twos scenarios, okay? :D

We love you baby!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Hello September

Lessons with Ethan are coming along nicely.  We're going a bit slower than expected but then again, you can't rush learning, especially with a boy like him.  As always, I don't want him to feel that learning is a chore so I try to be as patient as I can with teaching him and so far, he's doing fine.  We're kind of slow in Filipino but I suppose, that's to be expected since he rarely or hardly ever speaks Filipino. But we're getting by and I guess, as long as we keep at it, he'll pretty soon learn his Filipino lessons.  With Ethan, our "one lesson at a time" motto surely fits him to a T.
Now that August is over and all the craziness with it gone, I can now focus on other things like (of course), homeschooling Ethan, Enzo's birthday (which is coming up in a few weeks!!), and preparing Nikki's pinata for his birthday.  I think I have to start making my Christmas list as well since it's always easier for me to make purchases with a list on hand.  Besides, I love it when I discover a wonderful present for someone and it's the perfect present for him/her.  Yup.  Christmas list has to be on my to-do list this month.
We're not celebrating Enzo's birthday this year.  We're just, as usual, going to have a small family gathering here at home and take photos and blow candles and open presents.  We might go out on the weekend for more birthday fun but i'll have to check the best place to go for our family outing. 
We'll see... :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I know it's been ages but that's what happens when:
1. You're homeschooling more than one kid.
2. You're homeschooling and have a precocious one-year-old who has separation anxiety.
3. Your helper left and you end up with endless chores. 
4. You're living with a harpy who give you a lot of stress.
Anyway, as much as I would love to regale you with the many joyous things that happened since I last posted, I'm sure it would only bore you.  So, let's stick to the interesting stuff, shall we?
I'm sure you've heard about the freaky (non-)storm that came to the Philippines weeks ago.  Yes, it was pretty scary.  And no, we were fortunately, not affected by floods.  I'm just really thankful for that. We had some droplets of rain in the boys' room though, but I'd have that anyday.  Before Mama had the firewall repaired, the boys had like a waterfall in their room whenever it rained really hard.  So yeah, a few drops are not a problem for me...  I can't say the same about other parts of Manila though...
I'm putting my plans for Nikki's birthday on hold at the moment since I'm making his costume for Linggo ng Wika. I want his costume to be spectacular.  It will be sort of a tribal/ati-atihan-style costume.  I already made the paper mache base so we could decorate it with coconut fibers and other materials from coconut.  I'm so excited!  We're planning to use red and gold colors to make it really vibrant and then we'll use some shimmer/bronzing powder and apply it to the skin for some tribal regality.  Neat huh. I hope Nikki wins.  Last year he wanted to win a trophy and I told him, only the representatives were qualified to win.  So i'm doing this for him.  Keeping my fingers crossed...
Like I mentioned earlier, our helper left.  When?  That was on my birthday.  Right after we got back from Puerto Galera, boom!  Surprise!  No maid.  But I can't blame her.  A person here at home (the harpy) treated her really badly during her entire stay and I didn't want her to suffer any longer.  So when she told me that she needed to go, I just couldn't stop her.  I just couldn't.
Anyway, we had to go on with no helper for a few more weeks.  Then last week, we got another helper.  Good news right?  Not.  The helper was great.  But the harpy was at it again.  The helper was only here for 3 days and I had to intervene because the harpy was harboring ill-feelings and was grumbling all the time and muttering complaints about the helper. Of course I had to intervene. It was to exhausting.  Anyway, to make the story short, the helper left yesterday.  Must be a record for the shortest work by a helper in this household.  And all because of the harpy. I don't know how else we can live here with someone like that.  
I hope she leaves before she tests my patience or worse, show her my wrath.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We had a blast at Puerto Galera. I was really worried about the weather because of the constant rains but fortunately, the weather cooperated.  Will post photos soon...
When we got back from Puerto though, the helper at home informed me that she was going home!! It was not completely her fault.  A person here at home was just horrid to her during her entire stay.  Who would want to live here?  So I told her, I understood and she is of course, free to do as she pleased. Good for her but busy for me because now, I have to go back to washing our laundry.  Not that I mind, but it just takes so much of my time and I already feel like Ethan and I don't have enough time for homeschool.  Sigh.  I always tell myself "don't sweat the small stuff" but sometimes, I just feel so much pressure and I couldn't help it. There's just so much to do!  This week, it's Nikki's long test and we'll be reviewing til Thursday. Also, I'm not even done fixing the boys' room downstairs!  And I planned on getting it done by last week.  Sigh.  I know. Life happens and we have to roll with the punches.  Sometimes though, I wish someone would roll with the punches along with me...
Enzo is growing so fast.  He's starting to say words now like, "light", "ball", "Wii", "Pocoyo" and more.  Sometimes I don't understand him but he finds ways of getting his message across. He still breastfeeds which is both good and bad.  Good because well, we're breastfeeding.  Bad because it's cutting down on my chore time.  But as always, I know I can manage my time still.
Ruther and I agreed that we will now do Wii Fit every night for at least 30 minutes. We just feel that we should start losing weight now because when are we going to start? Besides it will do us a lot of good.  We're also of course, trying to change our diet.  Hopefully we will see results in a few months.  It's also a nice way of teaching the boys by example to exercise regularly, which, in this day and age, rarely happens. And the best thing about doing this?  It's free.  
Gotta love it. 

Friday, July 06, 2012


So, my family and I are off to Puerto Galera, a popular tourist destination in the island of Mindoro, south of Manila.
Why the suddenness? Well, Ruther wanted us to go there in time for my birthday (which will be next week). I didn’t want to at first because we’ve been having rainy weather these past few days (and even today!) but when we inquired with the travel agency about room availability this weekend, she booked us immediately with the announcement that rebooking was not allowed. As much as I would want to give her a piece of my mind, I thought, might as well push through with it since Nikki will be having exams in a few weeks and we’ll never know what the weather will be like in a few weeks’ time anyway. So, we’re on to another family adventure. Hopefully we’ll be getting some sunshine.
See you next week! :)

Friday, June 22, 2012


Already started teaching Ethan his First Grade lessons.  It was difficult at first because he doesn’t like to learn the text book way.  I forgot that this boy likes his lessons given to him in a creative plate.  
It’s quite challenging because I need to fin time to prepare his lessons.  Good thing 1. I have the syllabus to follow and 2. Nikki’s Grade 1 books has like 90% of the lessons.  So, I just have to add a creative touch and Ethan learns without complaints.
He still dislikes writing but is getting better with practice.  I just have to give him short writing lessons everyday.  Sometimes he minds, sometimes he doesn’t.  But as long as he gets used to writing, that’s what’s most important.  In the beginning, I let him write his full name.  They were so sloppy but I didn’t say anything.  I let him do it everyday until he got used to it.  Then I added, “My name is …”  And he did that too.  Then now, he’s doing “I am ___ years old”.  And then later on, we’ll do the address.  I hope he doesn’t complain. :P
We’re doing okay with Math.  I’m just worried bit about the writing exercises.  I mean, he could read and identify “seven hundred fifty-one or 751″ but to write it?  It takes forever.  But again, I’m just letting him slowly get used to writing.  Hopefully he’ll be writing more and be complaining less in the next few months.
Another worry for me is Filipino.  Ethan speaks in English only and I cannot imagine how to introduce Ethan to Filipino through creative ways.  My best idea is to teach him English then Filipino, sort of ESL style. I guess it’s worth a shot.  I mean, how else can he learn Filipino if we don’t start now, right?
We’re doing okay with Science.  There are so many ways to be creative with pictures and experiments and besides, Science is my favorite. :D  We did the parts of the body, the parts of the face, the 5 senses and the functions of the 5 senses in one day.  And yes, he understood the lesson.  Goodie!
Like I said, it’s a real challenge teaching Ethan but it’s so fulfilling when he learns and understands his lessons.  I feel like I’m getting through to him, you know.  So even if this takes up a lot of my time (even more than the usual), we’re going to do this.  And finish this. 
Wish us luck!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Ruther is in Bohol right now.  He's with his officemates because they have a company outing.  I'm sure he's having a great time there.  I've been to Bohol before with him, Nikki and Ethan and it was fun.  We got to see a lot of things and we enjoyed our stay and of course, our bonding time as a family.  I'm sure this time it will be a different experience for him, since he'll be with friends.

I would have loved to see the beach again but my doctor forbade me from any swimming activities for at least a month after my LASIK.  So I guess beach-going is out of the question right now.  We're hoping though, to be able to go to Puerto Galera for my birthday but until I get the okay from my doctor, we'll have to postpone it.  My next appointment will be around July 2nd so we're keeping our fingers crossed.  I'm quite excited to see the fish underwater though. It's hard to see clearly when all the fish you see are the ones that are a foot from your face.  :P  I know it will be an additional expense for us to hire a banca (outrigger boat) for the snorkeling activity but I SO want to do it now that my eyes are all okay. So I suppose that means, I have to come up with the money for that expense. :P  But really, who cares as long I see the fish while I feed them!!  I'm SO excited!


Ethan celebrated his birthday last Tuesday.  He's now 9 years old.  I can't believe it.  Sometimes, I still think of him as my baby.  Maybe if we didn't have Enzo we'd be babying him all the time so I suppose it's okay that Enzo came after him. :D  Anyway, we just had a simple party. Since Ethan is not very particular about having people over, we just had a quiet, simple celebration at home with cake, photos, fried chicken and spaghetti. Of course, there is always the presents.  

I know some families really go out of their way to have parties and such, but our family is not like that.  It’s not that we dislike parties but that we’d rather spend the day together in family celebration.  We would have loved to bring Ethan somewhere, a place he’d enjoy but Ruther had work today so we’ll just put if off for another day.
I can’t believe Ethan is 9.  My boys are growing so fast. It feels like they are slipping away from me and I can’t stop it.  I know that letting them go is inevitable, so I just want to arm them with life skills so they will be good and ready for whatever comes their way. 
I cannot imagine life without my boys.  Ethan is a pretty special kid and I see it everyday.  I admit, not many people understand him, but I do and as long as he’s happy, healthy and learning, I’m happy. 
I love you Ethan! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Yesterday, Ruther and I celebrated our 12th year anniversary.  Wow. I still can't believe we've been together that long.

It hasn't been easy. We've had our ups and downs.  But what marriage hasn't, right?  There were times when I felt like there was no hope, like it was never going to get better.  There were times when I just wanted to give up.  But because we didn't give up, because we still fought for each other, we're here now.    And I'm glad for that.

Ruther and I aren't perfect people.  We have our flaws and we have our temperaments.  But I think it's because we know each other so well that we could adjust to our craziness. We could read the other and tell when to shut up, when to give advise, when to just let the little misunderstandings go.  I always say, "Pick your battles" and it really works, whether it's with the boys, or Ruther.  You just have to focus your time and energy on the things that matter the most and just let go of the less important ones.  It's still not easy for Ruther sometimes because he's such a control freak but he's learning.  After all, he's not getting any younger.  Who wants to suffer a heart attack from a minor thing like picking up toys?

Twelve years is no joke.  But if it means spending time with this man I call my husband, then I'm sure the years will simply fly by.  We may have crazy fights, but I know he loves me and I think that's all that matters.